October 23

Christmas of December 25,2013

        I will never forget that one Christmas     morning of  December 25,2013.It was my  favorite Christmas ever.                                                   We always go to my grandma’s house for Christmas,and my whole family comes over.We eat a big dinner then we open presents after everyone has finished eating.      All the kids bombarded the Christmas tree.   We sorted all of our presents out.Then my grandma announced,”GO!”It was as if  we were racing to get our presents open.After we were done opening gifts,my grandma said,  “OK.Let’s have a scavenger hunt!”But before she could finish,my little cousin said,”Don’t we have more gifts to open?We only opened two.” Then I said,”It is not about the presents or whats inside of them. It’s about celebrating Jesus’s birthday.”               My grandma walked to the back of the house and come back with a book and said that we were each going to read a page out loud.I read the title of the book.It was Baby  Jesus,and I thought to myself,”They will never ask for more presents because they now know what Christmas is all about.

September 11

My New Friend

I was sitting in my living room in front of the TV and my  mom walks in to the door.I turn around and notice my mom had a dog.A black and white bulldog.My eyes got so big as I jumped up and ran to the dog.She seemed to have leped into my arms as I held for the firts time. My mom ask me to name her.I said Lucy so Lucy it was.My mother  got  her  a lot of dog toys so we started playing wiht her right away.She is so fun and a new best freind.


February 14

My President

Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas in 1946

Went to Oxford College and Yale University

Father died in car accident

Has one daughter


Was 42nd president

Was elected president in 1992

Was elected for a second term in 1996

Remained popular with the public throughout his two terms

January 16

2013 to 2014

Somethings that I will never forget from 2013 are…I had to get rid of my pet bulldog, Lucy.  Something that made me really happy was the football team did something that had not been done in years at White Oak.  To top it all off, my brother went to college to play baseball at Panola.

In 2014, I plan to stop biting my nails by getting that stuff that you put on your nails that tastes really bad.  Something I want to learn how to do is to draw people.  I plan to do that by watching YouTube videos about drawing.  One new book I want to read is Catching Fire.  Hopefully 2014 will be what I hope it is!